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Undervalued Augmented And Virtual Reality Play

What spurred these two deals? If one had to point a finger in a certain direction, it would very likely end up in the path towards Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and its Glass project. Google's entrance into this space has led to the resurgence in interest and investment in virtual augmented reality technologies over the past year.

What should be noted is there is a clear difference between augmented and virtual reality. Google Glass and the IP MSFT acquired fall under the augmented reality umbrella, while Oculus and its technology fall under virtual reality. Given the amount FB paid for Oculus, it clearly has a bullish view on what the virtual reality market will develop into. Additionally given Google's and now Microsoft's apparent participation and investment on the augmented reality side, they too seemingly have a bullish view on this segment. It's very early days yet given the apps that are already being developed it is likely
cheap fake oakley sunglasses Google Glass' augmented reality will end up with a presence in both consumer and industrial markets. We do not know exactly where Microsoft is going post its augmented reality IP acquisition yet it likely won't
fake cheap oakleys veer too far off Google's path. With respect to Oculus' technology, it is specifically targeting the virtual reality gaming market for now.

What if you could
fake oakley sunglasses cheap invest in a company that had both virtual reality augmented reality products, and additionally Intellectual Property to go along with them? That company is Vuzix (NASDAQ:VUZI). Its products and 33 granted patents 15 patents pending span across both "realities" making it a uniquely situated company post the recent M activity in this space.

This ideal combination of products IP may lead to the conclusion that this is a highly valued company. Yet it
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fake oakley sunglasses is not. Based on its fully diluted basis of 17 million shares, Vuzix is valued at $50 million and here is a look at where the Company's stock would be valued at based on the aforementioned recent deals:

VUZI Implied Per Share Price

MSFT IP acquisition

$150 million

$9 / share

Oculus Dec 2013 capital raise

$300 million

$18 / share

FB / Oculus acquisition

$2 Billion

$118 / share

Per share price derived from valuations divided by fully diluted shares

Now you may be in the camp (as we are) that Facebook overpaid for Oculus, a company that: (1) is focused just on virtual reality; (2) has reportedly filed just one patent with the USPTO; and (3) has no commercial products for sale
cheap wholesale oakley sunglasses yet. In that case we look to the reported $300 million valuation ascribed to Oculus post its December 2013 capital raise prior to the Facebook deal to make our point here of how undervalued Vuzix looks. That would
replica oakleys equal $18 per share on a fully diluted share count for VUZI as shown above.

To be clear we are not stating that Vuzix should be valued at these levels, yet these deal prices do suggest the stock is dramatically undervalued given its current product line up and its IP.

Why Is the So Cheap? Our View Limited Sales, Some Poor Banking Advice and Some Bad TimingWhy is the current valuation so low was an obvious question to us when we identified this name.

For starters it is a public company and sales haven't exactly been going through the roof. To the contrary as we show below, they have been shrinking. With that said, you can't sell what you do not have and the Company's new M100 became available for sale in December 2013, as did another new product in its line up the M2000AR. In addition to lackluster sales driving the low valuation, we believe Vuzix has had a history of bad advice and bad timing as a
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Below is the revenue table of the Company from Fiscal Years 2006 2013 which show what it generated with its combined defense and consumer businesses from 2006 2011, and then without the defense business in 2012 and 2013 (defense business was sold in June 2012).Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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