Non-surgical nose, cheek and chin contouring


To have an elegant face is the dream of every woman. However, not every one is lucky to have a perfect face. Many people are not happy with their too short and flat nose, too short chin or too high cheek which make it hard for makeup.

With the mordern technologies, aesthetic specialists have created face contouring treatments to give you your desired face with no surgery.


Nose plays an important role in your face beauty.  A flat nose with big nose wings or a short nose will take the elegance and edge away from your face.

Cheek is the area under eyes and expanding to the 2 sides. As we age, our bone structure changes and fat volume is lost, which flatens the cheek area. This causes further sagging in areas such as below eye sockets, jawlines and lips.


Treatments to improve shape of nose, cheek and chin have been plastic surgery including nose lifting, chin padding and cheek implanting.

However, with these treatments, patients will go through extreme pain and the downtime can be months.


Filler injection: in some cases, this treatment can be called Rhinoplasty as it involves injecting advanced dermal filler like hyaluronic axit to fill the den, sharpen the edge and change the angle of nose tip.

Nose lifting by thread: to trim nose wings, make nose tip look natural and lift nose bridge but still make sure that the face doesn’t look too fake. Especially, with nose lifting by thread, you will be very comfortable as you don’t have to worry about impact that can ruin your nose shape or cause redness and scars.


Injecting dermal filler such as polyacrylamide or other liquid fillers into chin areato lift skin.This treatment can restore chin beauty. For those who consider chin implanting, this treatment can help to remarkably improve their chin without the need for surgery.


Inject natural filler: you can get back your natural cheek without the need for surgery.

Cheek lifting by thread: threads are adhered by a needle. Then they were injected under skin. They will link and lift muscle. All it requires is 1 procedure. Thread will be dissolved within 6-8 months but the collagen stimulation mechanism last for about 2-3 years later.

Come to Medilas, our doctors and consultant will observe your face characters as well as listen to your desires. Medilas will give you the natural look.

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