Non – surgical jawline contouring


While Botox is a fabulous way to get rid of wrinkles, smoothing out crease in the skin isn’t the only thing that it can do to improve an individual’s appearance. It can also modify the contour of the Jawline.

For many of us, an attractive female face is defined by such features as large bright eyes, a small nose and clear skin. The overall shape of the face is that of an inverted triangle or heart, where the top of the face gradually tapers off into the chin. A square Jawline is considered more of a masculine feature that gives the face a boxier shape, and it is for this reason that Jawline contouring has become a popular cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic Jawline contouring is typically performed on women; it has the ability to achieve a less prominent Jawline, create a harmonious balance with other facial feature and soften the appearance.

Traditional Methods

Physicians can sculpt the Jawline by performing a few techniques, most notably shaving the Jawline, eliminating mucle  in the area, or removing the outer layer of the mandible (lower Jaw). These techniques are considered “Traditional” forms of Jawline sculpting. Facial implants may also be used to alter contour in the area.

But if you don’t want to go under the knife, you may want to opt for the non – surgical alternative.

Imagine being able to improve your facial contour in a lunch hour, then driving yourself back to the office or home to resume normal activities without compliments! Yes, it’s just that easy.

Jawline contouring – without knives!

With a Botox injection made right into the masseter, Jawline can be transformed into something that compliments the rest of your face.

In order to determine whether this solution is suitable for you, a consultation will be arranged with Dr Lam to discuss your goals and assets your physiology. Your facial structure will also be examined. If the masseter is not pin pointed as the reason for your square Jaw, Jawline sculpting with Botox may not be deemed suitable and an alternative may be suggested.

What the masseter?

The masseter is a muscle located in the Jaw. Responsible for moving the Jaw, it allows the teeth to clench or chew. People who have a large masseter (hypu trophy) often have a square Jawline.

Non – surgical Jawline contouring with Botox works by blocking nerve impulse to the masseter. This allows the masseter to relax so that it can gradually reduce in size. Improvement in the Jawline becomes apparent up to 6 weeks after. A session and results may last from 4-6 months.

Although in some instances it can even last up to a full year depending on the individual.

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