Hormone therapy

Control hormone is control your life. Though when it comes to hormones, people often think of ‘sexual drive’, hormones, in fact, play an important role in all factors related to our health including protecting the immunity system,  maintaining a healthy weight, balancing emotions and controling the impact of age on our body.


To men, testosterone has many health benefits. It not only improves sexual drive as people think but also plays an important role in maintaining physical and mental health. It is the hormone of energy, vitality and feeling good. It prevents heart diseases and reduces cholesterol levels.

In women, ovarian and renal glands produce about one tenth of testosterone level in men. But this is also essential to health. It helps to maintain energy balance, a fit body and prevent osteoporosis.


The three Estrogen hormones include Estrone, Estratiol và Estriol. They are steroid hormones produced by ovary, starting from the first day of the menstrual cycle, usually to stimulate the preparation of uterus for pregnancy. However Estrogen also plays an important role in many other body functions including preventing coronary artery, regulateing body temperature, improving memory and mood and maintaining collagen volume in the skin.


The balance between estrogen and progesterone is necessary to regulate the menstrual cycle, mood and body in general. Produced mainly in kidneys and ovaries, some produced in the brain, progesterone is needed for pregnancy, and thus lack of progesterone may cause miscarriage.

In fact, progesterone is essential to rebalance the negative impacts of estogene dominance such as weight gain due to water retention and discomfort.


Known as an anti-stress hormone, Cortisol is a crucial hormone. Its important function is to ensure our life. In mordern days, the production of cortisol from the adrenal gland doesn’t match with the increased stress level, which causes damage to many organs and leads to many diseases. It causes damage to the body and is related to other different diseases including heart diseases, stroke, depression, digestive disorders and cancer.

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