Hair removal

Hirsutism is a normal phenomenon but it concerns many women so much that some of them even get depressed.


Hirsutism may be caused by the increased level of androgen (a male hormone) or the extreme sensitivity of hair follicles to androgens. Male hormones such as testosterone stimulate hair growth, increase hair size and enhance hair color. Other symptoms associated with high level of male hormones include acne, irregular menstrual cycles, husky voice and increased muscle mass. In addition, hirsutism may be due to genetic factors.


At Medilas, we use X-laser technology for hair removal by transmitting light with selective wavelengths into skin so melanin in hair follicles and vascular systems nourishing hair follicle cells located in hair bag will absorb the light energy.

The heat from this warm light will heat up melanin and reduce it yet cause no damage to the surrounding tissues. After treatment, your hair will grow less and less and you will have a smooth skin.

The treatment is safe, fast and effective.

Treatment time depends on hair color and thickness. Please come to visit us at Medilas for more detailed consult.

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