Facial wrinkles



Time leaves its mark on our face with wrinkles at eye ends, on forehead, between eyebrows and nose sides. Our skin gradually becomes less elastic and sagging. These aging signs will be improved, giving you back your youthful and firmer skin thanks to modern non-surgical aesthetic treatments.


Wrinkles are the earliest visible signs of aging skin. The main reasons are aging, environment and your diet. Moreover, the nature of your work and stress also affect the appearance of wrinkles.


Medilas offers you 3 most popular treatments to remove wrinkles and make you look younger without the need for surgery.

Treatment with RF with high frequency waves helps restore damaged collagen, produce new collagen, ease out wrinkles and smooth skin.

Implanting collagen and Omeoformula under skin to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Currently, this is the most effective and exclusive solution at Medilas.

Botox and Filler injection is the perfect solution to remove wrinkles between eyebrows, nose, eyes, mouth and cheeks, lift mouth corners, wrinkles in smokers, laugh wrinkles and improve lip condition.  All you need is 1 hour and then you can come back directly to work and look much younger.

Total Thermage tip 3.0: one time treatment. This latest generation of Thermage stimulates damaged collagen restoration and new collagen production. Your skin will become firmer right after treatment and the result will enhance days after.

In addition, you will be advised to use appropriate anti-wrinkle cosmetics at home.

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