Contouring V-shape face




Having a contoured face with a V-shape jawline, which makes your face elegant, is the dream of every Asian girl. However, due to their born bone structure, some people suffer from a short chin with square jawline. After 30, your skin loses its elascity and becomes saggy, taking the elegance away from your face. Aesthetic specialists have created contouring treatments which give you your desired V-shape face with no surgery needed.


Nowadays, hospitals and aesthetic clinics offer wide rage of treatments for fixing square jawline, contouring face and removing saggy skin. They include jawline sharpening, face lift surgery, dermal filler and botox injection. However, face lifting and jawline contouring requires the right and safe techniques.

At Medilas, we offer non-surgical, non-ablative treatments with no pain and no downtime.

Botox: using a right amount of botox can contour a square jawline and turn it into a sexy V-shape.

Filler: inject filler at the chin to make it longer to suit the face.

Thermage total tip 3.0: the latest technology of 2013 which stimulates collagen production under skin. Skin becomes tightening and the jawline become clearer, which makes your face a V-shape one.

Thread face lift: a very effective treatment to contour face, especially for saggy face as it stimulates collagen production mechanism. Its advantages are non-surgical, highly effective, safe and long lasting. Thread lift helps the treated area to be better nurtured, volume increased and smoother. Thread will be self-dissolved within 6-8 months but the new collagen production stimulation will remain for about 1 year on average.

This treatment has been widely applied in most of developed countries in the world, especially in Korea.

Medilas and its experienced doctors and staff will help you find the most suitable treatment, which suits your muscle and skin.

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