Concerns on scars and keloids

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Scars from operations or acnes always affect our beauty and confidence. For each type of scar, Medilas will offer the most effective treatment to bring back your smooth skin.


Acne scars are the result of lesions caused when our body reacts to acne-causing bacteria. If acnes are left untreated, scars tend to be worse. However, after acne treatment, scars will not go away and will become even more visible when our skin ages.


Due to sequelae of chickenpox, acne, blackheads acne or accident. Over squeezing or touching acnes also cause deep scars left on the skin after acne has healed.


Unlike recessed scars, keloids give us more concern and the treatment is usually more difficult. Normally lessions burns or acnes when healed will leave keloid. Keloids are local tumors on the skin with thick tissues and may spread to surrouding healthy tissues. You often feel uncomfortable and sometimes itchy at the scars. Common areas where keloids appear are head, neck, chest, shoulders and arms.


Keloid is caused by injury stretch or incorrect stitching. Keloids also appear if large acnes are squeezed and pressed but pus is still left inside.


At Medilas, we understand your concern. With a team of experienced doctors, international experts and consultants, we will offer you the right treatments with the most advanced technology

The new Italian laser technology: the most effective therapy available for the scar treatment. Instead of treating scars from above, now we use laser to treat scars from deep underneath, removing scar tissues beneath skin and helping skin smooth and not lumpy.

Dermapen: Help reduce scars and restore youthful skin with needle roller therapy, combined with appropriate serum to treat scars.

Our treatment program will be combined with suitable skin care products to get better control and long-lasting results.

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