Body and local overweighting


Localized fat at abdomen, hips, biceps, calf and chin has become more and more common in modern society. This does not only affect our beauty but also our health and reduce our life quality. Together with our appropriate diet counseling, our advanced treatments at Medilas will help you quickly regain your fitness and your health.


Aging, menopause, physical inactivity and poor diet take away your figure.


Available treatments for overweight and localized fat are surgery, liposuction, coolscupting to dissolve fat and using fat-burning device repeatedly on selective areas. However, treatment for body slimming and fitting should follow a proper course outlined by specialized and experienced therapists to ensure safety and efficiency.

At Medilas, our team of experienced doctors and international experts will offer you a wide range of treatments for body slimming and fitting as below:

Using high -intensity RF to deeply impact on fat cells and remove excess fat effectively. At the same time, it will also liquify cellulites, increase metabolic rate and simultaneously tighten the skin.

Cool sculpture technology locally freezes fat cells without affecting skin, nerves, tissues and other cells. This is a totally new medical solution for cellulite and fat removal, applying the most effective fat removal technology for both men and women. Your skin may be slightly red right after treatement but it will go away after 10 – 15ms. You can totally be assured because of Medilas technology not only reduces fat but also helps skin smooth, triggers the body's metabolism and eliminates toxins.

Liposonix technology: use intense ultrasonic energy to destroy fat layers at a certain depth in the skin tissues. Ultrasonic waves pass through the epidermis, speeding up recovery and reducing downtime after treatment. This technology is widely used in Europe and is certified by FDA for use in the U.S.

Organic methods with Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy has been proven to be particularly effective in treating cellulite at legs and buttocks by removing fat cells, stimulating circulation and repairing damaged tissue links. The treatment will help remove stubborn fat and it will not reappear.

The great thing is that you can return to work right after treatment. After a few days, fat in the treated arean will slowly shrink and be discharged through liver in the coming months. The gradual fat discarding helps skin in the treated area shrink back to fit your body, avoiding sagging.

In addition, Medilas doctors will advise you on a workout plan, healthy diet and body detoxification so you can keep your fit body forever.

Come to visit us at Medilas so our doctors and counselors can help you find the right solution. Feel the relaxed treatment and let your perfect slim body speaks for our quality.

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