Acne treatment



Acne concerns not only women but also men. Acnes and blackhead acnes affect us a lot in our daily life, both in communication and in health care. So understanding their causes as well as what is the appropriate treatment is a common interest for many people.


Increased hormone level during puberty is the main cause of acne. In addition, oral taking of corticosteroids or lithium, staying up late, being stress, environmental pollution, eating chocolate or greasy food, using skin care products or cosmetics that contain oil can cause acnes to be more severe. Furthermore, acne can also be hereditary. If your parents have severe acnes, you are more likely to have acnes.


At Medilas, our dedicated and experienced doctors will help you to find the right solution for your acnes and get back your beauty and confidence.

Treatment of pimples and acnes depends on the condition of acnes, whether they are moderate or severe. Sometimes, our doctors will need to combine multiple treatments for the best results.

Mild acnes can be treated with the French specialized products including treatment and skin care after treatment such as pore tightening and oil reduction.

Laser combined with IPL (Italian technology) treat acnes from their roots without causing pain or damage to the surrounding cells. After treatment, skin gains back its smoothness and leaving no scar.

Acne treatment requires time and proper approach. Therefore, it is essential for you to find a professional and famous beauty center, where you can trust, to assist you during your treatment. At Medilas, we will help you and you will regain your beautiful skin.

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